19 March 2009

I'm so frustrated...argh

My whole quilt square experience has been crap. I was finally feeling good...I got all the fabric and got it cut out. I was to the point where I was sewing the rows together. My sewing machine died on me today. The lightbulb won't even come on. That goes well with the blown fuse and dog chain breaking. Today has kind of sucked. Wendy got the package I sent for our special project, but she has to fix some things for me. It's like everything I touch goes to shit. The quilt squares are due in the mail by Monday. I guess I'll be shopping for a sewing machine and busting ass this weekend. I think I'll go before my computer dies on me. :) High point...I got all the normal lace bagged...so hopefully now that all the lace is bagged...I can start offering it up. I put up the three Marie books and they sold...that's a good thing, too. :)

1 comment:

  1. I was so happy to get those crappy little blocks in the mail! I will never do that again!!! Does this mean, you don't want me to send you the blocks I get??? You've been tagged! Stop by my blog for the details!