28 March 2009

What A Line Up

Holy Smokes! Teresa just listed this year's instructors for Silver Bella (www.teresamcfayden.typepad.com/silverbella/ ) and WOW is all I can say. I thought last year's line up was impressive...she has outdone herself. Not only are the regulars going to be there (Charlotte- my favorite, Pam, Rebecca and Teresa), but the Newbies totally rock (Denise Sharp, Kaari Meng, Jennifer Murphy, and Anna Corba). I don't know how Teresa does it...she is so cool. She's hoping to list classes soon and registration is tenatively scheduled for mid-April. How are we supposed to choose?? I'm so excited. I had such a good time last year.

Man, oh, man.....it just rained all friggin day here. To go with all the rain from yesterday. Woohoo. There were tornado warnings in Alabama, so a side trip to Opelika was out. :( I did manage to work on one of my swaps some more. I think it is turning out nicely...I'm sewing it by hand. I need to figure out what to use to put them all together and hang it. It's for the garland swap. I'm using some sweet fabrics that I got from Jo-Ann's.....I'm actually using some of the fabric from the Quilt Square Swap. :) I'm hoping the sun will come out tomorrow. Sunshine would be really nice.