09 March 2009

I wish I was still a walking fool

Then it wouldn't have hurt so bad today. I had to go to the hospital and Clark couldn't come get me and drop me off. So I had to walk. Oy. I do believe it is farther than the walk to the PX. I hurt. I lost at least an hour this evening....I laid down and woke up and time had gone. At least I had most of dinner prepped. Tee Hee...Clark was responsible for feeding the kids. Santa brought Jr a George Foreman grill thingy...he must have known. :) Tomorrow is going to blow.....I'm still going to hurt, but I'll have less alone time to get things done. Tuesdays are short school days here. Billy gets picked up early and dropped back off early....argh. I hate Tuesdays. Clark took some pictures for me while I was snoozing...if I'm lucky I can start an update to the shop tomorrow. A few more books, some more jewelry and some new things that I haven't offered before. :) I love that I can sell whatever floats my boat at the time. The planning and plotting with my sister is coming along.....we had a nice long distance chit chat yesterday about our plans. I managed to go through all the lingerie lace and bag it....I put each kind in it's own bag...which as I offer it up for sale....it will get a label with a number. New system....I hope it works. I didn't have a lot of duplicate items. Next up...the other three containers of lace....I'm almost out of bags though. I can't wait to see what Lili, Alisa, Wendy and Kathy come up with....they were the four recipients of the sample bags of lace. I still have six more. :) I need to go pop some otc pain medication.


  1. So, what did you do to yourself? You were fine when I finally hung up the phone on Sunday! Did you trip over Bebe? Whatever happened, I hope you feel better, soon.

  2. OMG!!! You walked to the hospital? Are you okay?!

  3. Did you hurt yourself? Whatever happened I hope that you are ok now or soon! In my mind your lace project has finished already, in real life I still have to start though (story of my life!). Just mention this once in a while on your blog that keeps me busy and not forgetting! Take care!