05 March 2009

Plotting and planning

I'm conspiring with my sister on a project. It has actually been kind of fun. It's still in the planning stages, but I will definitely let you know what it is when it is ready. :) This week is a tad messed up...Monday was a Snow Day for the boys and they got the day off. Man, what is it about the South...they get a little snow and freak out. :) I do think Spring is coming....that will be nice. I'm trying to decide between petunias and geraniums for the front planters. I did mostly petunias last spring when we first moved her....I can't believe in April it will have been a whole year..oy. I think I'm leaning towards the geraniums......they remind me of Germany more. :) I need to go to Jo-Ann's....I don't have enough fabric for a project and I can't start it without more fabric..argh. If the project was just for me...I wouldn't care, but it's for a swap. No, Viv....I haven't started on my squares yet...well, that's not true. I did cut out all my blue pieces today. Once I get started it should go quickly. It's these darn roadblocks. I got my mobile and last matchbox...I'll try to get pictures posted of them this weekend. I've been saving the other two matchboxes until the last one showed up. Well, the boys will be home soon and then Clark should be home early (okay, earlier than normal). I hope I can talk him into taking me to Jo-Ann's this evening. I really want to get started on my squares. I'll have to wash the fabric as well....so if I get it tonight and wash it. I can iron the fabric, cut out pieces and hopefully start sewing tomorrow. I'm crossing my fingers. :)


  1. Well Wanda, I can't wait to see what you got for a mobile, and what you received for matchboxes (I got all of mine, and I'm excited to see more). Hurry and post pictures, or else I won't tell you what colors I'm considering...

  2. That's too funny since I was just wondering if I was only one dilly dallying around with those goofy blocks and how you were doing on yours! I sewed most of them together and then ripped them apart because my points didn't match. I gave up for today. Will try again tomorrow!