21 April 2011

Easter Swap- Day 6

Day Six was all me. :) I had originally wanted to make something with a plastic communion cup, moss and some mushrooms....that so didn't happen. These were inspired by a basket I found at an estate sale. I had only seen the big safety pin baskets before...the one I got is only about 4" high. These are a tad smaller....I couldn't get 6mm and 8mm beads at Walmart. That purple one behind the green one has killed the spirit of ever making any more of these....I, thankfully, did not get that one back. :) I added a tiny Lindt Easter Bunny to each basket. I figured the chocolate would make up for anyone not liking the color they got....again.....I had to use what I could get at Walmart. There isn't a Day 7 item....she got sick. So tomorrow will be Day Eight by Sarah. I got another postcard yesterday.....haven't taken a picture of it yet. I worked on putting things together for the shop this morning....no pictures yet...that will have to wait until next week. Waffle duty.....I should so win their anniversary game...with the amount of waffles the wee one consumes....but, no..."sorry, you are not a winner"...yet again. :)

20 April 2011

Tags and postcard number 1

I got my first postcard yesterday from Natalea (the hostess). I love the quote. I worked on my tags this morning. Very simple, but I used all those lovely scrapbooking things I got with my gift cards...I just love the Flora & Fauna line by Brenda Walton. It was hard not to hoard. I barely had enough green velvet trim for 20 tags. I used vintage crocheted trim as well....trying to use things and not keep them all to myself. The backs are even simplier (and not photo worthy)...I used pages from a 1990 edition of The Secret Garden. I just need to put my info on the backs and add some seam binding and they are finished. Tomorrow is Day Six of the Easter Swap...my day. :)

Easter Swap- Day Five

Michelle and her daughter were responsible for Day Five. If you have ever wondered what to do with those Swedish tart tins....here is an excellent idea. Too cute. :) www.thetatteredquiltcottage.blogspot.com

19 April 2011

Creating to cure the blahs

Oy...I'm a posting fool today. :) I worked on the tags for my Secret Garden Tag Swap....since I am the hostess, it would be good to have some done. They aren't finished..as you can tell. But that paper got me to thinking and I decided to use some more of it. I bought all the paper and most of the fun stuff that was in that line with my Xmas gift cards. I figured I needed to use it. So I'm taking the paper and that Better Homes and Gardens Decorating book (I got three of those in Opelika, AL and haven't used them yet either) and making something. It has been a good distraction. I never just make anything.....I usually need a reason to create. So I'm kind of excited. I got my postcards from Moo yesterday. So those went out today. I wasn't sure about making postcards, so I ordered postcards of some of my favorite photos I've taken through the years. Some of the photos have been used on mini moo cards. I figured out a great quote and sat down and wrote them all out this morning. I mailed them after a quick jaunt to the Post Thrift Store. I usually don't get to go....Clark gets the car on the days they are open. He's gone, so I went. :) I've been a busy bee, but my "me" time is almost up. Thanks for all the suggestions for a SB replacement. :)

Easter Swap-Day Four

Kim is Day Four of this little swap. She made this little piece of happiness. This is so close to a snowglobe, I will have to hide it from wee one (he loves a snowglobe). www.craftytriathlete.blogspot.com

Easter Swap- Day Three

Amy (the hostess) was Day Three. She is a sewing fool...she made this little daffodil bag. She is very talented. It is pretty neat. www.craftingbycandlelight.blogspot.com

Easter Swap- Day 2

Wendy (who I was partner's with in Heidi's Vintage Tin Swap) was Day Two. She made this little egg to hang up...very sweet. www.weinkswonders.blogspot.com/

Easter Swap- Day 1

Amy had to pull some stuff out of a rabbit's bum to make up for a drop out....not bad. She made the bags herself....very cute. A paper mache egg to get all creative with and some shabby chic clothespins.

Easter Swap

Here is the stash we got for the swap.

18 April 2011

Pity Party

My hubby left for TDY this weekend, I'm sick and Silver Bella was cancelled. I'm just bummed. I'm so sad about Silver Bella. It is the one thing I do for myself. I don't have the flexible schedule most ladies have...my husband's work takes precedence, I don't have family nearby to watch my children. I love being a vendor at Silver Bella....it is the only chance I get to do something like that. I do need to figure out what to do with the items I've been stockpiling for SB. I have over 70 jello molds/tins. I couldn't find them for awhile and then I found a bunch of them...argh. There are just some things that I can sell at SB that it just isn't feasible to do on Etsy. I just need a few more days to get over it. I have a bunch of fun things I got in my Easter Swap (I know because others have been posting about them)...I haven't opened any of mine. My postcards I ordered for the postcard swap are on their way here.....I need a good quote. I've got tags to finish and a little book to start on....one of the Bella's is hostessing a Bling Necklace Swap....I need to check my stash to see if I have enough vintage bling for that one. Her blog is www.backatyababe.blogspot.com if you are interested...she needs 23 ladies. Blah, blah, blah....I will get my head out of my ass...it will just take a few days. :)

11 April 2011

Kandeland's 'Mail Love' Postcard Swap- Round Two

Natalea was kind enough to have another round of this swap. I couldn't think of what to do when she had the first round, so I sat it out. I know excatly what to do this time....well, except for which quotes I want to use. I actually have a notebook full of cool quotes....now only if I can find it in time. :) www.kandeland.typepad.com Head on over if you want to give it a try....sign ups only open until the 13th of April.

06 April 2011

Nine Days of Easter Packaging

As you can see....I am Day 6 of 9. Those bags are tiny...they are 6 1/2" tall when not folded over. I found them at an estate sale in Columbus. I'm very happy to have finally found a use for them. They arrived at Amy's the other day, so I figured it was safe to show them...I was worried that I'd posta picture of them and then they would get lost in the mail. :)

04 April 2011

Have You Seen This???

Michelle Geller is hosting a tiny book swap....so cool. I missed out on the one Julie Collings hosted last year, so hopefully Michelle will let me in this one. Michelle is such a sweetheart and I was lucky enough that she joined one of my Silver Bella swaps...so I have a little bit of her work. So if you might be interested....go here: www.michellegeller.typepad.com and check out what you need to do.

02 April 2011

All Signed Up

Here is one of the few projects I finished last year at Silver Bella. Mine is on the left. Well, registration for Silver Bella 6 (www.paperbellastudio.com/pages/silverbella.htm) started last night. I'm all signed up. Here is what I'm taking: It's Ornamental ,Reverse Canvas, Forever Love Bracelet, Grace To Grow, and Creative Mise En Place. I hope to see you there. I have to download my photos of what I made for Amy's Easter Swap (http://www.craftingbycandlelight.blogspot.com/) ....actually, you'll just see how I packaged them. It is supposed to be a surprise....I think. :) They went out in the mail yesterday....I had a hard time with the last one and hope that is not the one I get back. With my luck it will be. :) Blogger sucks today. Argh.