19 April 2011

Creating to cure the blahs

Oy...I'm a posting fool today. :) I worked on the tags for my Secret Garden Tag Swap....since I am the hostess, it would be good to have some done. They aren't finished..as you can tell. But that paper got me to thinking and I decided to use some more of it. I bought all the paper and most of the fun stuff that was in that line with my Xmas gift cards. I figured I needed to use it. So I'm taking the paper and that Better Homes and Gardens Decorating book (I got three of those in Opelika, AL and haven't used them yet either) and making something. It has been a good distraction. I never just make anything.....I usually need a reason to create. So I'm kind of excited. I got my postcards from Moo yesterday. So those went out today. I wasn't sure about making postcards, so I ordered postcards of some of my favorite photos I've taken through the years. Some of the photos have been used on mini moo cards. I figured out a great quote and sat down and wrote them all out this morning. I mailed them after a quick jaunt to the Post Thrift Store. I usually don't get to go....Clark gets the car on the days they are open. He's gone, so I went. :) I've been a busy bee, but my "me" time is almost up. Thanks for all the suggestions for a SB replacement. :)

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