21 April 2011

Easter Swap- Day 6

Day Six was all me. :) I had originally wanted to make something with a plastic communion cup, moss and some mushrooms....that so didn't happen. These were inspired by a basket I found at an estate sale. I had only seen the big safety pin baskets before...the one I got is only about 4" high. These are a tad smaller....I couldn't get 6mm and 8mm beads at Walmart. That purple one behind the green one has killed the spirit of ever making any more of these....I, thankfully, did not get that one back. :) I added a tiny Lindt Easter Bunny to each basket. I figured the chocolate would make up for anyone not liking the color they got....again.....I had to use what I could get at Walmart. There isn't a Day 7 item....she got sick. So tomorrow will be Day Eight by Sarah. I got another postcard yesterday.....haven't taken a picture of it yet. I worked on putting things together for the shop this morning....no pictures yet...that will have to wait until next week. Waffle duty.....I should so win their anniversary game...with the amount of waffles the wee one consumes....but, no..."sorry, you are not a winner"...yet again. :)

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