05 May 2011

A Happy Birthday and Two Week Re-cap

Long two weeks. Let's see....top photo is Day 8 of the Easter Swap..made by Sarah (http://www.mamabubbles.blogspot.com/). It is an adorable chick basket made out of a sweater and fabric. Day 9 was Monique (no blog) and she made pins out of rick rack. I've always wanted to attempt that...now I don't have to. :) The boys had a long weekend that weekend....one had a four day weekend, the other a three day weekend. The last photo is Billy with his Easter haul (and some of his brother's as well). This is the first Easter that he had some idea about the Easter Bunny. They covered it at school...he says, "Easter Bunny" pretty good. I had his IEP that following week..always a joy...at least I don't cry through them anymore. We picked up Hubby the next day at the aiport....the drive went pretty smoothly. We went to the Waffle House right after we got Hubby....it's been four months since we've been to one. Billy loves Waffle House...he can get a waffle, bacon and a coke. He ate his waffle and bacon and some of mine....darn him. Poor baby has been home sick since yesterday. :( Secret Garden Tags have been trickling in....I have eight more sets I'm waiting for....the tags are pretty good. Billy is waiting for me....so last, but not least....Happy Birthday, Mommy!! We love you!!

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