16 February 2012

French General, Part I

This is French General. Totally awesome. These pictures show the wall of beads and buttons. It is on the left hand side. The beads and findings are done by color....so cool. It took three shots to get the whole bead portion. The last picture is of the buttons. You can see that cabinet in the second picture. www.frenchgeneral.com

15 February 2012

Better Late Than Never

I figured I'd start with the people. :)

Top Photo (l to r): Kaari Meng, Charlotte Lyons, Pam Garrison
Second Photo: (the totally awesome) Dawn

Third Photo: Michelle of Paper Tales

Fourth Photo (l to r): Chris, Terri and Terry

Fifth Photo (l to r): Me, Lonnie Jenck, Julie Baxley, Cheryl Stoneham

I didn't get as many pictures of people as I would've liked....I was busy talking, crafting, eating and drinking.