02 April 2011

All Signed Up

Here is one of the few projects I finished last year at Silver Bella. Mine is on the left. Well, registration for Silver Bella 6 (www.paperbellastudio.com/pages/silverbella.htm) started last night. I'm all signed up. Here is what I'm taking: It's Ornamental ,Reverse Canvas, Forever Love Bracelet, Grace To Grow, and Creative Mise En Place. I hope to see you there. I have to download my photos of what I made for Amy's Easter Swap (http://www.craftingbycandlelight.blogspot.com/) ....actually, you'll just see how I packaged them. It is supposed to be a surprise....I think. :) They went out in the mail yesterday....I had a hard time with the last one and hope that is not the one I get back. With my luck it will be. :) Blogger sucks today. Argh.

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