24 March 2011

Confession is good for the soul

I am the biggest chicken shit when it comes to driving...the anxiety and panic make me want to reach for some Zoloft. I finally drove off post today....silly, I know. I've driven elsewhere...Columbus, Birmingham....you would think that basically a straight line off post wouldn't worry me...you would be wrong. I've had the car for the last few days....hubby went TDY...normally, I'd be happy about that, but Autism Boy has lost his mind. He emptied half a bottle of baby powder in my bedroom. Oy. He did do cute stuff...he gets to go swimming today...he wore his swim trunks around the house yesterday while saying "swimmy, swimmy". He doesn't do shorts and after awhile he realized they were shorts and wanted jammies. :) I digress. I went to Walmart today. I'm in an Easter Swap and my initial plan for my craft has not worked out. I came up with a new plan, but I didn't have the right supplies. I was going to wait for hubby to get home, but thought better of it. I'm friggin 38 years old...I can go get my own shit...by myself. Wow....Walmart on a Thursday morning is pretty quiet...nice. I got to look around at whatever I wanted. I treated myself to two new cds....Sara Bareilles and Pink. I got what I needed and headed home (one place a trip...baby steps). I did stop at the Post Thrift Shop on the way home....it is inside the gate, so it doesn't count. :) I'm quite happy with myself. I've been going out and buying the paper everyday...not a horribly far walk, but I'm getting out of the house. It works out really well when I've had an Etsy sale....there is a paper machine in front of our post office. The major things on post are a five minute walk from the house....very convinent (when I don't have the car....today was the first day I used the car). :) The flower....our first poppy...I took it weeks ago, but am finally posting it. Oooh....poppies are pretty ugly before they bloom...hairy nasty things. Another confession....horribly unpatient...still waiting for Teresa to list classes for Silver Bella....I check fifty times a day...argh....she is killing me. :)

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  1. I'm totally with you on the Silver Bella impatience!