10 March 2011

Good Shopkeeper, Bad Blogger

I've been taking care of my neglected little shop lately. I've been going through my six rubbermaid tubs of trims, lace, and lingerie lace. I put the ones listed in my shop in two smaller tubs (one trims/lace and one for lingerie lace) and re-marked them for easier finding. :) I filled two other small tubs with what I love and want to keep (again, one for trims/lace and one for lingerie lace) and then the two largest tubs are full of everything I want or need to get rid of at some point. I spent most of this morning, pulling stuff out of the two large tubs to measure and photograph to sell. Kind of a bulk sale...instead of offering them up by the yard. They will be at discounted prices. If you ever wanted to start designing your own clothes (mostly lingerie) here is a chance to get some fun stuff. Unfortunately, Spring Break will soon be upon me and it probably won't happen until after that. I got a lot of other stuff listed as well...loads of books, some supplies and other stuff. As I unearth it, I've been trying to be good and get it photographed and listed. I got to take a break this afternoon...I got to go see my little Billy ride a horse. His Special Needs class goes on outings every Thursday and they have been horseback riding for the last two months. It was the last one of the school year, so hubby and I went and took photos. It was so cool, but it threw him off. They get to go swimming after Spring Break...that will be one happy autistic boy. He loves water.
Oh, before I forget...I'm hostessing the Tag Swappers Tag Swap again...we take turns. The theme is "Secret Garden". If you'd like to join let me know. You need to make 20 tags and get them to me by NLT 1st of May. We've got seven slots left. We do take newbies...not everyone can do it everytime and fresh blood is always good. I need a nap, but I signed up for an Easter Swap and need to start working on that. I know I'm not getting anything done next week. :)

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