09 May 2009

Just not content with two swaps...

so I went over to Rachel's blog, Contented, and signed up for her new swap. It is a Seaside Swap. There are just two rules.....you must have a blog (all you gals who don't have one...this is your excuse to start one) and at least one of your items must be handmade. You have over 2 months to get it posted (I just love the Brits)....the deadline to sign up is May 22nd and mail out date is 31st of July. Here is the link to that particuliar blog entry (www.contented.typepad.co.uk/contented/2009/05/seaside-swap-2009.html ). It sounds like the perfect summer swap. This is a great opportunity to swap with some international swappers as well. Who knows....you might end up with some cool supplies or other goodies. Plus, you meet really nice people from places like Holland and Slovenia. :)


  1. You are so cute Wanda! Next time I'll meet you in Disney world ok? My youngest was looking at my blogpost about our journey. Hey you forgot Disney world he said, lol! Let's see if that swap is something for me too. Have a great day!

  2. I'm not getting tempted this time! LOL Glad you stopped by and signed up for my giveaway! Good luck, Sweetie!!