30 April 2009

Relax a little, work a little

That's what I've been doing. I read the Nancy Drew book for the swap yesterday and started bagging items (in hopes of selling them at SB). I'm trying to get those things together in one area, so that I can work on other things. Don't worry....I have started getting a few things ready for the shop, too. If you ever wonder if I updated the shop...just scroll way down to the bottom of the blog and you'll be able to see. :) I added some jewelry tonight...it is going to piss my Dad off. It annoys him to no end when I list a whole crap load of the same type of items. I've had photos of these for a while...I got burned out on listing jewelry for a little bit. But the bag of items already photographed kept mocking me. So I started tonight....I'll finish up those tomorrow....fifteen more I think. Well, I'm going to go be lazy...Thursday night on ABC...gotta get the kleenex ready. :)


  1. I'm also in the Nancy Drew Swap, and I just read my book - sounds like fun.

  2. Wanda, I just opened our swap---I love it!!!!! I love how you glittered the sides....the trims are beautiful--I can't wait to make something with them. I'll let you know when I post about our swap. Hopefully tomorrow.