04 April 2009

Oh, happy day!

Actually, it has been.....it is so nice outside. Much nicer than it's been in a week. Aahhh. Since I stayed up late last night (we were going through MP3 files to find music...kind of fun....my Dad has some pretty wonky songs...Clark and my Dad like the same kind of stuff...oy)...I slept in a little. I got my Etsy things mailed off (plus my swap...a day late...eek)...dang it...I forgot to take a picture...argh. Oh well. Then we hit two sales and 3 thrift stores. I love estate sales/60 years of accumulation of the parental kind sales. It was so funny....I bought a book at the second sale and the kids (all grown up now) sat down and looked at it....I offered to sell it back to them. :) I got all sorts of bits and pieces at that sale. The first sale I picked up a bunch of boxes of craft stuff....some good, some bad....it all evened out. I just did the preliminary look through....I'll go back later and really go through it good. Well, I'm off to enjoy the rest of the day. :)

Edit: Jenny over at Fated Follies (www.fatedfollies.blogspot.com/) is looking for some help picking a picture for her new web boutique....head over and vote for your favorite.

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