25 April 2009

Heavenly Temptation

Heavenly Temptation
The Fruit Bowl

Squash Bucklers

Knock Knock

Macintosh Clan

Grilled Cheese

The Banana Ball

Heavenly Temptation indeed! That is the name of the art work in the top picture. It is done by Julie Lewis. A wonderful artist that sells on Etsy. I love her artwork and I own all the paintings you see. Each one comes with a little story on a card as well. I love that it looks like the happy food from old cookbooks and refreshment stand ads at drive-ins. She is so clever. She is even willing to re-paint anything in her sold area. My first purchase from her was the bananas at the bottom. :) You find more of her work at http://www.stellalola.etsy.com/. I hate sharing my secret source, but everyone needs at least one of her paintings in their home. They make me smile and even the 13 year old loves them. The "Grilled Cheese" painting is actually his....he picked it out. We've got a gallery of her artwork in the hallway.

All the photos in this post were taken from Julie's etsy site with her permission. She is a really nice person as well as a kick ass artist. :)

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