08 April 2009

Midway through Spring Break

Poor Billy has been sick all week....unfortunately, the little one is way smarter than the average bear. He knows if you slip anything into a beverage or try to stuff it into a grape (Clark tried that one...I know better). He takes one sip and knows....I need to find fever reducer with no taste/color. He has been feeling a little better today....he got off the couch. Seriously, he was on the couch all yesterday...Clark tried to take him into the bedroom last night....he got upset and walked back to the couch. :) We had to take him with us to the hospital for my appointment....if he wasn't sick, I might have let his 13 year old brother babysit (I know...I'm so funny). I got good news, but all that went away when some guy cut in line at the pharmacy...my number had been called (I'd been waiting for a little bit...they have three sets of numbers they call from) and as I'm walking up, the guy gets to the window before me. Argh! I was irked for two reasons...one, we had to go do taxes and two, if I had tried that shit....they would've made me get a new number. Well, it got worse from there...we find the tax office and we walk in..."we're closed" (not even a sorry). They have hours posted and they still had an hour to go....one of the ladies walks out after us ...to make sure the door is locked from the outside and my husband asks her what's up..."We've got a waiting room full of people"...they don't have anything posted about closing early if there is a roomful of people (it wasn't that full....lazy ass people). I'm so irked and now we've got to go back tomorrow. It's days like this that I hate people. Oh, the good news....my doctor is going to wean me off the happy pills. Yes! I've been waiting for this...I think I'm ready. Oh, my goodness....the class descriptions were posted today.....I'm going to have to camp out by my computer the day of registration, so that I can get my top five picks. :) My swap partner got her garland and likes it....sigh of relief.....hopefully, she'll take a picture for me. I've got lots of ideas for the Maria Swap......my partner is Debra (http://www.hophopjingleboo.blogspot.com/) wow....the pressure is on. :) I cut out twelve three-inch squares so that I can wrap my mind around things better. I can work on ideas for each square before I actually commit to anything. :) I've still got to come up with a good idea for my one-on-one swap with Geralyn. Two swaps...that is it...it's a slow swap season I guess. :( I've been really good this week and went through things each day. I've got all my boxes/packing material all in one place now. That was Monday. :) I worked on Clark's closet last night. I went through a few things in my office.....I still have more to do....but it felt good to do that little bit. I know I'm forgetting something....hmmm. Oh, yes..bloglines....you are all still getting read even though you aren't on my sidebar. As soon as I can figure out how to put my bloglineslink on my sidebar...you, too will be able to browse the 200+ blogs....I'm still adding to that. There are just so many neat blogs out there. :)