17 April 2009

Can you spare a lung or two?

I think I hacked my lungs up multiple times this week. Just a bit of residual hacking left. Oh joy! It's hard to be creative when you are sicker than a dog and tired all the time. The weather has been beautiful the last few days and I've enjoyed watching Billy play before and after school. We played the silliest game today....he brought me a stick and I threw it and told him to fetch. He thought I said,"fish"....so he'd sign/say "please, more play, fish". It was so funny and he just could not stay upright and kept crashing and burning. he'd just lay there and laugh. Such a goof. Afterschool, we played a few more minutes and then he wanted the hose. I got him good...he was soaking wet. I had to stop...he was getting cold...he doesn't realize how cold he gets. he was screaming at me....poor baby. He took his diaper off outside....eek. He got all wet the other day and I wrapped a towel around him...he took off and acted like it was a super hero cape...the whole street saw his goods. He's lucky he has a cute tushy. :) I tried working on my Maire Antoinette collage and it just isn't happening.....creative block sucks. I hope the weather stays nice the rest of the weekend. It's nice being able to sit out front and read or watch Billy or what not. I hope you all have a great weekend.

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