29 April 2009

Swap Spoilers and a New Swap

My collage for Debra of Hop Hop Jingle Boo.

Chipboard Box Swap with Geralyn..this is what I made. :)

This is what Geralyn made for me in our Chipboard Box Swap.

New Swap.

Okay...I finally got two swaps finished...I lost almost three weeks worth of creating time due to sickness in this household..argh. They are both going out in the mail today....if Clark remembers to mail them. The first picture is of what I made for the Marie Antoinette Collage Swap. I guess I wanted to evoke Marie more than just show her....I chose things that I think of when she comes to mind. The little bag in the top corner.....it is made from Irish Linen....leftover from a tag swap. :) There is a little surprise inside it....hopefully, Debra will take a picture of it. I didn't want to give everything away. It's rather simple.....I still haven't found my inner foof.
Over a month ago, Geralyn (fellow Bella) contacted me about a comment I had made on her blog and asked me to do a one on one swap with her. Never done a one on one with someone other than my sister...too cool. We were to take an empty chipboard box and pretty it up. I finally managed to come up with an idea for hers. I kind of channeled Kim Kwan & Lisa Kettel a little. :) Geralyn used the mouse from Alice In Wonderland for my box..too cool. She decided she wanted to do something with a mouse because of my blog/shop name. I do love anything mousey. :) I love it....thanks, Geralyn. That was fun.
Okay...I can't help myself...as if the "Things with Wings Charm Swap" wasn't going to fill up my plate enough...I saw a new swap on Swapdex. A Nancy Drew swap....how friggin cool is that. I love Nancy! Ever since my sister gave me "The Clue in the Velvet Mask" to read (she was old enough to check out books at the Post Library at age 10....I was 8 and not old enough) I have been hooked. I've got a collection of them...thamks, Pops (he looks at thrift stores for me) that go everywhere with us. They've been to TX, AL, Germany twice, and now GA. :) It is comforting having them with me....a slice of home. I don't have all of them (yet). I digress...it is over at Morning Glories and Moonflowers (www.perfectisboring.blogspot.com). You get assigned a book and base your swap package around it. I have been given "The Brass Bound Trunk" (you could request a book....but I couldn't make up my mind and she picked one for me....dodged a bullet there). I just read the first four chapters to Billy in the bedroom..we cuddled....it almost felt like he was a normal boy....not a wooden one. :) We just bought Pinochio on DVD. :)
Let's see...what else has been going on. Now that the pressure is off from the two swaps, sickness is fading and the upcoming field exercise....I will find time to pull together items for the shop. Clark will out in the field for most of the month and will be taking his precious with him. I just need to put away all the things I didn't use in the swaps...I need the room. It's crazy...I have a feeling that you all can feel my pain though. :) I guess I should get off the computer and get busy. :) Have a great hump day!


  1. Hi Wanda.
    I do know what you mean about putting things away after creating a project. Wow, I really get bogged down with that -My sis says to use the stuff and make other quick things, like cards and tags, instead of putting it all away.

  2. Great swaps...loving all the photos on your blog! Toot toot!!!! I hope you are hosting a swap at SB!!!! Kara

  3. I came over to see your Marie swap and I got to see our chipboard swap--cool. I am looking forward to getting mine. I love the winged image on mine already. Your Marie swap turned out great---I am going to hop over to hop jingle boo now----I love all of her vintage images. Thanks for the fun--swap partner!