13 April 2009

Omaha, again?

I swear I vowed as a child never to return to Omaha and now I'm doing it again? OY...only the Queen Bella can work that kind of magic. :) I braved the crowds and registered tonight. I registered my sister first (she had to work and I wanted to make sure she got the classes she wanted...she bought some one else's registration last year and could only make a few changes). Due to a kickback I only didn't get one class I wanted. Oh well....I'm pretty sure every class is going to be fabulous. Here is my class schedule for any other Bellas to compare with-

Friday 8-11 Vintage Rosary Necklace w/ Kaari Meng
Friday 1130-230 Ephemera Bird w/ Denise Sharp
Saturday 830-1130 Wonderland Mobile w/ Charlotte Lyons (like I wasn't going to get one of her classes...oh, please....are you nuts?)
Saturday 1-4 Bundle Up Birdie Shadowbox w/ Jennifer Murphy
Saturday 430-730 French Country Home w/ Anna Corba

I am hoping to get a vendor spot again and left the Friday 3-6 class spot open. I booked the room and I just need to look for a flight and let my parents know the dates. They are going to come out and watch the boys. Clark is going to be a little busy this year. :) Well, I'm missing "Castle" and Billy is actually asleep and I can enjoy it. I hope you all got the classes you wanted....if you are sitting on the fence..go for it....she even has a payment plan this year. :)


  1. Hi Wanda!
    Yay! We do have two classes together! The first and the last classes!!!!!!
    Well I have to say...I surely hope that you ARE a vendor again! I so enjoyed your booth last year as your goodies were awesome!! It just wouldn't be the same if you weren't there,
    everything vintage

  2. I got all the classes I wanted, but we aren't in any of the same ones again.
    These classes are so good that I'm already so excited, I can't stand being around me!

  3. Yippee! So glad you are going. We will be in the bird and necklace class together. Save me a spot. I hope you are a vendor too. You have good, affordable treasures. I would hate to miss that! Take care, Kara

  4. Hey...I'm in the ephemera bird class with you!!!

  5. I met you briefly last year @ Silver Bella during the vendor fair...I loved your booth...We'll have two classes together this year.

  6. what a treat! we have the first 2 classes together!! I am so glad you are going this year!