21 April 2009

When good things happen to bad people

Drew you in, did I?? The moving van was in the neighborhood today...the Baccus (I would've put dog, but she has one of her own) hater is moving. I can't believe it...I was chatting with one of the movers while waiting for the bus.....they get to move to Germany. She better enjoy it. I can't stand military wives who hate moving to new places. How could you not like an all expenses paid trip to Europe for three years?? Oh well. Karma....it should bite her the ass one of these days. On a happier note...the pictures are of a photo shoot gone bad. Clark had me collect up a few things for him to photograph for the shop. I didn't have much...but his assistant put a stop to it. I've got all sorts of ideas for the shop, but I need to wait for a few things. I want to put together some different ephemera packs...maybe a new tea tin or two. It's been hard with Billy sick first, then him passing it off to me. I've still got two swaps to work on adn I signed up for another one...."Things with Wings Charm Swap". I had so much fun with the last charm swap. I was bad and signed my sister up without her permission. :) I knew she'd love it and she was at work and there was a 25 participant limit. I didn't want to risk it. I've gone from enabler to pushy bitch....gotta love me. :)


  1. Hey Wanda! Yessssss you have photos! Ah your Billy is too cute, no matter if he is ill and has given you the bug! I loved the story about your sister, does it continue? I hope not! hehehe. Take care!