02 April 2009

World Autism Awareness Day

I had no clue.....I got my bloglines update and Ali Edwards mentioned it....her son is autistic as well. If you go here ( www.worldautismawarenessday.org ) you can read more. My wee is atutistic and he is a nut. He hid in the closet while I trying to get his shoes and jacket on...the bus was waiting on him. Of all days to be early.....today was it....argh. :) They've been late most of the last week or so and Billy has managed to get horribly wet by playing in puddles (courtesy of all the friggin rain). I'm in a fowl mood...bawk, bawk....quack, quack...gobble, gobble. I had a horrible realization thanks to a Kmart Easter commercial. I had been wondering why the last few years I've dreaded holidays (very strange.....I used to be such a holiday whore) and the commercial was the Aha moment. There were some sisters in their pretty dresses....hunting easter eggs and I realized my darling little boy will never understand Easter. He doesn't understand Christmas or his birthday or Thanksgiving.....nothing. That's why I don't look forward to holidays anymore. It kills me...he probably will never understand those things. It breaks my heart. I know his brother doesn't understand it. Very depressing blog entry today...I know....I just had to get it out. One good thing about autism.....it makes you celebrate the little things. Like bubble machines, climbing a tree, eating baby pea pods, fake food, puddles (I don't really hate them), the smile on your child's face when the wind blows, stop signs, talking vegetables......he is such a happy boy and it is so neat to see what makes him so happy. S-T-O-P...he loves to spell that out. He brings such joy to me, but also such sadness. I love him so very much it hurts at times. The mother in me wants to make it all better, but I can't. We can all try though....go support autism research. Donate your time or money (Toys'R'Us was taking donations the other day), please. Even if all you do is smile instead of scowl at a kid freaking out at the store...you never know...he might be autistic.

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  1. Well, what to say Wanda? I think you are right when you say that it is hard often but that you love him so much that it hurts, he appeals to your mother instincts in the best way, you show that here in an outstanding way. He is (and so are you) satisfied with little things, who can say that nowadays? Please make sure that you all have those little pleasant things as much as possible with the holidays, to make everybody happy. Who cares whether he understands the concept birthday when he is happy? And when he is happy you are happy too.
    No signs of World Autism Awareness day over here yet, so I'm going to check that website, thanks for sharing. Take care!