25 February 2010

The no good, horribly bad blogger strikes again

It has just sucked lately. I'm am so tired. I don't remember any deployment ever sucking this much. It is just crazy. I'm usually the wife telling all the other wives to suck it up and drive on...I just want to go back to bed. Blah. I had to take the wee one to the doctor last Friday....it wasn't too bad....until he saw the doctor. :) He is fine. I will respect his privacy and not tell you anything. :) It was the end of a crazy week. It was a short week..they had President's Day off. The thing that really blew was that it started on a Tuesday.....Tuesdays suck for parents...the kids get out early on Tuesdays. I wouldn't mind so much, but Billy's bus schedule is all wacky that day and I have the hardest time remembering it. This week...I am just tired....I haven't been sleeping well. I'm so tired that I'm thinking of skipping the big book sale in Birmingham this weekend...crazy talk..I know. I love that sale and I have someone there who will watch Billy for me. It is just that three hour drive. Whine, whine, whine.....it is so bad. I suck. On top of that....I have the worst creative block known to man. Two swaps to go and I can't get going on them. Suggestions...anyone?? I'm just thinking of all the cool swaps I'm missing out on, because I won't sign up for anymore until I get my mojo back. :) The lady I did the "Thing With Wings" charm swap with is holding another charm swap.....Alice In Wonderland...too cool, right?? Wrong. There is a Tussie Mussie Swap out there.....I convinced Wendy to join and I will live vicariously through her. Someday....it will back and I won't suck anymore (okay, maybe I can suck some more...totally possible). I have been enjoying the Olympics with my boys. Billy loves the Olympics and will watch anything that is on. At 8pm sharp he comes in (and if we haven't changed the channel yet) and say, "NBC"...he can't quite say Olympics yet. He gets his happy hands a-going....he has really enjoyed skiing and the bobsled action. Figure Skating...he likes all the spinning. Go figure. :) It is really going to suck when they end and he wants to watch them some more. Somebody....please....count how many time I used "suck" in this post and report back to me. I may send you something. How's that for a giveaway?? I told you I need some sleep.


  1. Pffff it sucks that somebody got here before me!! :-O
    I was just wondering how you were doing today Wanda. I have cleaned up my reader a bit and I was wondering whether I threw your blog out, which would have been an accident, but here you are again. Not quite alife and kicking but hey baby, we all need spring. Just get yourself some good sleep and then drive to that book sale, after that you sign up for one swap. Okay that is a promise! Take care! ( I would have guessed nine times too!)

  2. yep, 9.

    Hang in there. It's gotta suck before it gets better. That way you appreciate the better.