16 November 2009

I'm still not right

I got home a little after 11:00pm last night and I am still so friggin tired...lack of sleep and cold medicine will do that to a person. Oh....but it was so worth it. I met so many fabulous women, got to see old friends, make some seriously cool shit, and ate better than I normally do. :) I had a cheese omelet and bacon every morning (I rarely get any of the bacon in this household). The last morning, my sister even got me a Mickey Mouse pancake. :) She is the best sister ever!!! I got a not so good vendor spot again, but I was in the best company...Megan (aka Princess Lasertron), Hope Ellington, and Kaari Meng of French General was directly across from me. I didn't think I did that good, but my sister reminded me that at my price point...I did pretty damn good. The swaps were fabulous and the ladies who joined were more so....I will try and get pictures when I can handle a camera again. I finished two out of six projects and one is almost finished. I made a dead bird and deranged muppet bird shadowbox. I gave the ladies in my necklace class a little bit of me and I can't wait to see what they do with it....some used it right away (thanks, Jodie and Ali). :) I loved spending extra time in the airport shuttle and airport with some great Bellas. I even had one on my flight back to Atlanta...we didn't get to sit with each other..that was a bummer. She warned me that flight was going to suck..she was right. I had a huge layover in Atlanta, had to change gates three times (that was after schelping my crap from C to D terminals), but met a man who was stationed at my hometown during a very interesting time (Baaa....Wendy you should understand that). The flight was even better....little ole me (all 5' 1 1/2") got an aisle seat and the man in the window seat was 6' 1"...his head almost touched the lights...too funny. It turned out he has the same MOS (job in Army talk) as my husband. That made the 30 minute flight much better. Three hour layover for a thirty minute flight...f-me. I haven't really unpacked....too much work. I did show off the work of the ladies in my two tags swap( Year of Tags and Saint Tags) and my fat book swap in the airport in Atlanta....so there, ladies, you got some more publicity. :) You have to be proud to be a Bella and shout it to the world as much as can....I am obnoxious. Thank God you all tolerated me this weekend. :)


  1. Yucky that you're still sick. Feel better soon!

    Sounds like you had a great time at SB! :) Sorry I missed ya...maybe next year.

  2. Glad you made it home ok....I do remember how exhausting it was to have all that fun!!!!! It is such a great opportunity and I am so glad you got back there. I'll look forward to your pictures when you feel better.

  3. Well, I'm glad to see you made it home ok. It was great getting to know you Wanda and spending time with you. Take care!!!


  4. Hope you recover soon Wanda! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and then meeting up again to wait for the flight out of Omaha. I intend to finish my necklace tomorrow and will think of you each time I look at my little blue bead. Take care, Pam

  5. Hi My Little Wanda!!!!
    First things first, I really am glad to have a piece of you included on my necklace!!! Thank you so much for sharing and every time I'll wear it, I'll think of you. I haven't posted about it but I will soon. I'm trying to post in sequence of the weekend...fun fun!
    As for the vendor fair...I tried to buy everything you had...seriously! However...I'm still burning up about those velvet flowers you let go BEFORE the big night. I'll never let you live that one down. haha
    I'm glad I got to share a couple of classes with you, you made it soooo fun!!!!!
    Hope you feel better soon~
    everything vintage

  6. It was great to meet you Wanda!! My jewelry stuff has a home now in one of the baskets you gave me :) Thanks! Hope you are recovered from the weekend! I am just barely!!