18 March 2010

Forget Liberty of London & Target

You need to run to Michael's and look in the dollar bins. Everyday Is a Holiday Goodies (www.everyday-is-a-holiday.blogspot.com) are now available. I was a tad worked up at first..I thought they had ripped Jenny and Aaron off, but after flipping over one of the products..I saw that they were licensed. How friggin cool is that?? They have note pads, journals, magnets, note cards, and dimensional stickers. I had to grab some....it goes nicely with the few pieces of Jenny & Aaron art that I have from their etsy shop. Have you ever been in a store and gone apeshit when you saw something?? That was me. :)

Don't worry I didn't really blow off Target and Liberty of London. I lucked out and got these on Saturday (some stockperson put them out early). Our Target had some things left today, but not a whole lot.


  1. Yummy! I LOVE Micheal's dollar bins!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. I didn't know Michael's had that..and that they had been licensed! HOW awesome! I also got the Liberty of London file folders...today!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Wanda! Wow, thanks for posting, going for my Jenny and Aaron goodies asap!!

  4. And I got Liberty of London mugs!

    I agree Wanda...you should not be playing with fire (and making Linda's chiffon flowers). Me neither ;-)

    I was at Michaels today and did not see these but then we have a really crappy Michaels. I did rip off Mary Engelbreit two times but it was for a church retreat so it was for a good cause.

    Hope you are hanging in there!

  5. I saw Jenny and Aaron's goodies yesterday at Michaels. How cool is that? I have their Art Opera Pictures up now: Sweet Dreams Mobile and some notecard pics on the art opera blog!
    Magic and Joy,