22 November 2010

Worn Out

Sorry, I haven't been blogging. Silver Bella prep and the event itself took up a lot of time. I had two birthdays in the first week of November to take care of and now we are prepping for a trip to MD for turkey day. When we get back, I'll try to put projects back together (my tree had to be disassembled to travel from Omaha) and get pictures. I finished three out of 6 projects this year...up from the lone one I got done last year. We've also got a big move to get ready for when we return. Oy. Happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. Hope you are feeling better for Thanksgiving. I have been spending every day off from the store preparing for our move........one attic and basement.....done!!!! Draining.....so I can feel your pain. Glad to hear you made it to Silver Bella. Have a happy Thanksgiving!!!!!