01 November 2010

Happy Birthday, Billy!!!!!!!

Today is his sixth birthday. Yes, I let him eat a cookie for breakfast today and I didn't wait for him to finish before taking his picture. That boy is always in motion, so I take shots when I get them. He got a haircut yesterday and was really good...the lady cutting his hair has a nephew with autism and she was just wonderful with him. We are about to go get a few surprises for him before he gets home from school. I'm hoping it will help him get that today is a special day. :)


  1. Wanda, What a fabulous shot. Those beautiful eyes! Hope his birthday is happy for you all, Pam

  2. Wanda, I love the photo of Billy. He looks like a great kid! I hope he has a wonderful birthday. See you soon!!!

  3. Oh, those gorgeous eyes!
    They would melt my heart everyday!
    Yep, he could easily get away with murder at my home!

    Can't wait to see you!
    I didn't sign up for one swap or anything. It was too much with losing my father.