01 May 2010

Happy May Day!!

I participated in Fated Follie's May Day Petite Basket Swap. This is what I received from my partner, Lynne (www.englishteacup.blogspot.com/).

This is what I got from Rochelle (http://www.lolasmommy.blogspot.com/). She was my partner in Artsy Mama's May Day Basket Swap.

I said I wanted girly and look at this girly, pink loot. She is one talented lady. She has an etsy shop...you need to check it out.

Who says that a quarter isn't worth much anymore?? I got this vintage lamp at a Church Sale last weekend. I have two other similiar lamps (Humpty and Hansel & Gretel) I spent way more than a quarter on those.

I lost a photo....friggin Blogger can bite my ass. I finally get around to doing this and argh. This is my son's school bus. The bus....all special children get taken to and from school by bus here on Post. My son's bus driver loves to decorate her bus. The kids love it, the teachers love it, the parents love it....someone must not have and complained back around Easter/St. Patrick's Day. She had to take a lot of it down. I thought about it and came up with a way to make the bus happy again. Those children have it rough enough in life that whatever we can do to make their days a little happier..we should. I found the butterflies at Hobby Lobby (we have some hanging in our yard for Billy and the driver & aide are always saying nice things about our yard). It just wasn't enough. I thought it through and one day asked her if a magnet would stick to the roof of the bus....we checked it and it did...then I went nuts. I bought more magnets and a crap load of fake flowers from Michaels. I took them off the stems and hot glued those puppies to magnets. I had won a set of fifty magnets in a box of junk on a blog almost two years ago and finally used them. :) Hoarding pays off on ocassion. I had little wooden ladybugs and they got glued to magnets as well. Now the bus has over 150 flowers, 60 ladybugs and 18 butterflies and everyone loves it. It makes my heart happy. The lost photo was the side of my fridge with ladybugs and flowers on it. :) I don't know about you, but I am so glad April is over. The last fifteen days have sucked. Between stuffy head/sinuses, PCS issues that had me jumping out my ass, appointments and just everything bizarre that life hands you.....I am just bushed. I've been too tired to do anything. I'm hoping May is different.


  1. Two baskets is better than one! :) I like the pink basket that you got from Artsy Mama's swap. I particularly enjoy the ruffles. :) Happy May Day Wanda!

  2. You're awesome Wanda! That bus is wonderful!