17 May 2010

A caterpillar and fake food

I get such crap when I don't post any pictures on my blog (you know who you are)..so here is a random shot of the evil that was eating my miniature roses the other day. Billy enjoyed meeting him though. Let's see...what I have been up to...I spent a great deal of time last week cleaning off all of Billy's wooden food...it tends to get everything he owns sticky. When I went in for his IEP last month....I talked to his teacher and asked if she might like the food and a wooden kitchen that Bilyl never plays with....okay, he used the kitchen for a jungle gym and would empty the food on the floor. One of the joys of autism....they don't play with toys like normal children. Well, she said yes and had me wait two weeks to bring it in. Boy, I shocked her....she thought it was a few items. Oh, no...I am a fake food whore. We bought all of it before we knew he was autistic. It was a little hard to let it go....but it has made more room in his room for him to run around. I stayed and helped set everything up and go through it all with her and some the aides/therapists. Everyone was so excited. I didn't just want to donate it to a thrift store....I wanted it to do good. So, she had a Little Tikes bulky play kitchen that took up a load of room....we donated that to a new Preschool teacher at the school who didn't have one....the kids in that room swarmed it like locusts. It was so neat. We ended up swiping a sweet, wooden cabinet from the Special Ed Kindergarten teacher (don't worry...I saved some of the fake food for her) that matches the kitchen pretty good. His teacher sent home pictures the very next day....of course, stinky pants played with the kitchen and food at school. That was the first page of photos....the second page showed his classmates and the smiles on their faces made it all worth it.
Enough about that...head over here and see what I sent to my Artsy Mama's May Day Basket Swap partner, Rochelle. www.lolasmommy.blogspot.com/2010/05/dont-hate-me.html It doesn't even compare to what she sent me. I was sick that week and mailed it the day it was due in the mail...so I didn't take any photos. I've been going through a few boxes..trying to get organized. Don't ask how that is going. Well, I need to hit Facebook..my husband posted some photos and now I actually have to go get on Facebook...I try to avoid it if I can. :)

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  1. Love what you sent in that swap----especially the packing tape! Gotta love a good caterpillar picture......I appreciate a picture every now and then.......no pressure though :)