21 May 2010

Teacher Work Day

Or what I like to call it "Drive Mommy Bat Shit Day". :) They have been up my ass all day. It got to the point that I took them out for a few hours this afternoon. I mis-counted on Monday when I was getting Thank You items for Billy's school. I need things for 14 bags and only got 12...he had 4 teachers, 6 aides, 2 therapists, a bus driver and a bus aide this year. It takes a small village to educate a special needs child. They all adore him and I love each and everyone one of them for it. Some of them only worked with him for two weeks, some a few months and others most of the year. They are all wonderful. I'm having him decorate paper bags with foam letters and numbers (two of his favorite things) and I am filling their bags with his favorite things. They are things that if he could...I think he would give them. So they are getting bubbles, snacks and a hanging butterfly thing like the ones in his tree out front. Now...if I can get him to sit long enough to cover 13 more bags. :) So we hit the Hobby Lobby and a Walmart to pick up the remaining items.....I didn't do too bad...I was short two bags and one tube of Mini M&Ms. :) I decided since Billy has done pretty good the last few trips to the Waffle House and Steak & Shake that we would try another sit down restuarant. Mom...I know, I know..he doesn't get to play...next time McDonald's or Chick-Fil-A. He did pretty good...he did stand up in the booth and tried to sit on the back of the booth, but he ate some of his chicken, not just the fries. We used to not be able to go out to sit down places.....it was too much for him to handle. Not only is he autistic...he has some sensory issues. He is doing much better.....in part to the excellent care and education he is getting from those aides, teachers, and therapists at the school. He has made such huge strides this year..it makes his primary teacher almost cry when she tells me....which in turn makes me cry. He peed in the toilet a couple times for me this week. HUGE. I was so excited to tell his teacher that yesterday....I was dropping off some more toys for the classroom. It worked out great that I stopped in...his teacher told me one of the aides had put out an email asking for art supplies (I had asked about a whole bunch of pom poms I had donated earlier...see how they used them..I'm so nosy)...she was Billy's aide for part of this year and I happened to run into her as I was leaving. She is teaching an art class this summer for a week and needs items. I asked her what kinds and she said anything, but she really likes repurposing items....dude...she has no idea who she was talking to....that is what I do...that is the same kind of stuff I sell at Silver Bella. I am so pumped....when I got home I started filling up a bag of stuff...it is full and I'm on my second bag and I haven't even started digging yet. I love the idea and helping her and the kids out...it is a summer camp type program...she is working to become a teacher. She has a BA in Anthropology.....freaked me out....I have a BS in Anthropology. I know the BS sounds about right for me, doesn't it?? That goes on the list of crap I need to accompish in the next week or so....school ends on Thursday. I have two swaps to finish, goody bags for Silver Bella (I'm a sponsor again), laundry, recycling, I want to go through the boxes in the closet thing in the carport.....I know I have a whole summer for some of that. I need to make a list...always telling my sister to make one and normally I am a huge list maker....I've just been out of sorts since hubby deployed this time. :) I think tonight I just want to go squish the little one...he is just so squishy....yes, command decision....off to squish. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Sounds like you have been busy. All those people will really appreciate those gifts at the end of the year. It's so rewarding to see kids accomplish tasks that eluded them. Can't wait to see you at Silver Bella. Have a good summer.