02 June 2010

Time Flies

This picture has nothing to do with anything...I just think it is cute. Wow...things have been nutty since I last posted. The very next day as Cutie Pie and I were driving to the post office...the mirrored part of the driver's side view mirror fell off...scared the shit out of me. We had to go into the dealership, so Jr's plan for that day was ruined....I needed his help merging. We had to wait a week to get it fixed. Good thing I had plenty to do.....I was busy gathering art supplies for Ms. Rita....6 paper bags and a diaper box...I ran out of time. I had to give them to her a day earlier than planned. My oldest brought home a flyer for an 8th Grade Award Ceremony for Thursday (the day I had planned to bring everything over). I had to re-register Billy for next year......dumbass that I am lately.....the last three times I went to the school in the last month...I forgot the paperwork. I had to pass out 12 thank you bags as well....they went over very well. Turns out teachers love junk food as much as Billy. :) I went to the Award Ceremony...got a front row seat (that never happens....I'm short and always get stuck behind tall people)....turns out he got two awards...a gold medal for Math and a Presidential Award for Eductional Achievement. I can't post the pictures I took...they have other peoples' children in them. The ceremony ran over by thirty minutes....it was crazy. It was the last day of school for both of them. I'm not happy that school is done....Billy goes ape shit when he isn't in school. We've taken him for walks, to the playground, out shopping...he still has way more energy than is fair. :) Saturday was crazy.....we had to drive through a rain storm to get to the car place. We dropped off the car and walked to the IHOP to eat....that was fine, but as we walked back we got caught in another storm. Wet is an understatement. :) I've been reading a lot....."The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest", "Ya-Yas in Bloom", and "The Art Thief". I need to get to work on a the two swaps that are due this month. You'd think filling a tin full of art supplies would be easy.....oy. Sometimes I think my attention span is worse than Billy's. I still have 20 tags to make as well. I suck. I did get around to ordering some new autism shirts for Billy for summer school (which doesn't start soon enough for me)....Cafe Press has the best shirts. I love smart ass shirts...I think my favorite this time is going to be the one that says, "Hey, keep staring at me and you might cure my autism"...how friggin cute is that??? Oh well....I think I have babbled enough for now. :)

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