19 May 2010

A call for MOO cards and artwork

I know two days in a row...that blows my mind as well. :) I was reading my bloglines this morning and saw two blog posts that I though were pretty nifty and wanted to share. The first one was on Jenny Doh's blog. She is enamored with MOO cards...aren't we all?? Well, she has put out a call for MOO cards...you send her one and....go read it yourselves....hop over to my bloglines (I can't get a link to work here) and she is listed as Jenny Doh. The MOO cards I had made for Silver Bella 2008 are slowly dwindling, but I have one left of my favorite and I think I will send it in. It was taken at the top of the Eiffel Tower....I stuck my camera over the railing to get the shot. It was with my old film camera, so I had to scan it into my computer to upload to Flickr...so old school. If you have a MOO card send it in. The second blog post I thought interesting was on Tina Wright's blog....she unfortunately died of cancer. She and Cindy Mayfield (Yapping Cat Studio) are the founders of Paper Cowgirl. Well, her daughter keeps her blog running and has put out a call for artwork to be sold to fund a scholarship in Tina's name. So if you feel like donating some of your artwork or it inspires you to create something new to send...here is that link www.tina-wright.blogspot.com/2010/05/calling-all-bloggers.html . Have a great day.

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