30 September 2010


It's the little things...the details that will get you in the end. Oy...simplicity..I should have stuck with that. :) The details means you have to work more. Well, 400 tags are ready for trim now. I covered 400 little shipping tags with vintage ephemera on both sides....had to cover the ugly reinforcer. That meant punching 800 holes. I finished glueing on 380 little paper punched hearts to write names on (in pencil...so that if they want to re-use the tag they can). I've cut all but 20 pieces of trim for them. There were 20 slots and only 14 of us....we are going to give the extra six away at Silver Bella. I'm just waiting for all the trim to come in and I can attach it and then I'm done. :) I finished up my Halloween Tags this week....we ended up with 19 of us total. I made 20 tags....making an odd number just messes me up in the head. :) Those tags were more detailed than any other tag I've made before.....there are eyelets (more friggin holes..I'm hating my crop-a-dile right now), beads, trim, wire, metal flowers, and tulle. I even used pop-up dots for the first time ever.....you just can't tell. I even inked the edges.....I now finally feel like a real artsy craftsy person. :) Paper arts....oy. Now I just have a custom charm bracelet to make...I'm actually excited....I have most of the the charms thought up or bought. I just need to make a few and then I can assemble it. I hope my partner likes it. I need to price my goods for Silver Bella. I think that is my least favorite part. I like finding things and even packaging them in cellophane baggies.....but I hate pricing. Other things I hate.....getting my picture taken. I had to get a new ID card today...it is bad enough you have to get a driver's license picture, but with the military you need an ID card as well. My only consolation is that everyone who gets their picture taken with the lady who did mine today will look horribly fat. She was the nicest lady, but the way she has her camera set up...very close. My hair hates me and so that looked like crap as well. Fat and like crap...happy day. I figured I now had something to blog about. :)


  1. You crack me up! I wish I were doing the charm bracelet. Hosting a swap is too stressful! Your Halloween tags are very cool! See you soon!


  2. All I have to say, is that is a lot of tags.

    (I'm from Texas. We have a tendency to state the obvious.)

    And speaking of tags, I better get back to it.