16 September 2010

Bad, bad blogger

I suck, I know. I've just been busy getting things done for swaps. I've got 400 mini tags to make, 20 Halloween tags, and a charm bracelet. I've still got to finish up giveaway prizes I want to donate to Silver Bella....the trim has been cut....I just need to assemble them into packages. I've been covered in glue for much of the last month...blah. :) I did get to a nifty book sale held in Columbus...twice. :) I got 17 lovely ladies to sign up for my Halloween Tag Swap. I can't wait to see the results. That is about it....nothing really exciting. I had hoped to be a better blogger, but the next few months are going to be crazy. Oh...the real kicker....Bloglines is shutting down, so I had to move my blogs over to Google Reader...oy. I'm technologically-challenged so that was fun. The move has been made...I just need to get used to how it works. Poor me. :)

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