25 August 2010

Our Weekend and ABC Swap Page

My parents drove up from Florida on Friday. On Saturday, we went to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. It was neat, but there were way too many people for my comfort. :) I got to see my favorites...belugas. They have whale sharks and they were impressive. We all had a good time...especially the wee one....he loves sea creatures. My parents took the boys back to the hotel that night and they got to go to the pool.
I've been working on my ABC pages for Marian's swap. Here it is....the letter M page. Very simple.....just a mouse in a cup of mint tea. The "M" in the corner was stamped with metallic ink on part of a peppermint tea bag. I needed the string for the tea tag. The background is mint green dotted swiss. We were to add a virtue..mine is mirth and is on the tea tag. I still need to write my "M" words on the back. I know it is a miracle that I showed you a finished swap on my blog. :) Speaking of swaps....I am hosting the next round of the tag swaps and it is a Halloween theme. You would just need to make 20 tags (shipping tag size) and get them to me by the 1st of October. If you are interested just leave a comment or email me. I have 11 spots open right now.


  1. Your little mouse is so sweet!!!

    -Amy ("Miss I")
    Crafting by Candlelight

  2. Aww, sweet!
    I drink a cup of chamomile and mint tea every night... umm, just in case you cared to know. ;)