01 August 2010

Rest and Relaxation

The first week of R&R was eating fast food, lying around, playing the Wii, hitting a few stores, haircuts for the boys and just relaxing...letting him adjust to being back in the States. Clark and Jr did have a Father/Son outing to the National Infantry Museum and then they went to the movies. The second week is when we went out and about. We went to Callaway Gardens one day...it was a nice day trip. We went to Red Lobster afterwards and ate til we could eat no more (the leftovers were breakfast one morning for the two of them). We decided to go into Birmingham for the last weekend he was home. We drove in on Friday and hit the McWane Center, then to the Olive Branch for lunch (that is one reason the three hour drive is worth it), and then we went to the hotel. I met up with Susan (one of my Birmingham buddies) and we hit some thrift stores. I found a few things. Saturday, we got up for our free breakfast....it was nuts down there and some kid burnt his sausage patty sandwich which triggered the fire alarm. Billy did pretty good. We went to the Zoo that morning and then back to the hotel for a dip in the pool. Billy loved it....big shocker....it is water. We hit Wan's Chinese restaurant for dinner (another excellent reason for the three hour drive). We ordered so much food the waiter couldn't believe it....we only didn't finish two dishes....brought the leftovers back with us. I do believe we shocked him with how much we ate. It was so good. We decided to walk around The Summit afterward. I got to go to Anthropologie. It isn't a large one, but always fun. We drive home the next day. We did get hooked on the show "Cake Boss" in the hotel....if you haven't seen it...go watch it. The baked goods alone are worth watching for....the family is pretty funny as well. Clark left on Wednesday and we've been running around getting Jr registered for school. He starts on the 9th...poor Billy starts on the 6th. Poor babies...happy Mommy. On another happy note...I am going to be a vendor at Silver Bella again....I got my acceptance email while he was home. I've decided to stop hoarding and have bagged up many things. I really need to destash. We will be moving early next year. I did get a little thrifting in while he was home...not as much as I would've liked, but Kindergarten is full day and that opens up a 6 hour block every day....think of the places I can go. My table will be very much like it was the first year...very crowded and you might have to dig. I'm thinking I should've gone for two tables this year. Oh well.

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  1. Oh I can't wait to see all the wonderful items you will have on your table :) I will definitely free up some of the space for you lol