13 July 2010

The Squirrel Has Landed

He got home yesterday. We had to go pick him up at our tiny airport. I actually like the tiny airport. :) We took him to McDonalds and Target right off the bat....that was really more for the boys who had been cooped up all weekend waiting for their Father to come home. Billy is getting good at saying, "Target"....it is really kind of cute. Yes, I know the boys have hippie hair and that will be taken care of really soon. It took Billy a few hours to warm up to his Daddy, but all is well and they had a grand time playing last night. I made them a cheese and cracker plate (and veggie tray) for dinner. The cheese tray had Cheddar, Havarti, Danish Blue, Brie, Limburger, and Port Salut. They like cheese (not unlike Wallace and Gromit). :) We watched some "Glee" last night...trying to get Clark caught up....they need to put the second half of the season on DVD. It's nice to have another person in the house. We aren't used to it. :)

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