01 July 2010

Fourteen Days

Wow...that is bad even for me. Lack of interesting things to blog about....I guess. Just trying to survive the summer. It shouldn't be too bad now...we finally got a date for R&R. It will be good to see the Hubby (I want to sic the boys on him and escape, but that is just cruel). We can all go out and do something. It always helps to have an extra set of arms and legs to keep track of Billy....he is a quick one. I do need to get the house ready....yes, it is a mess...I've been using the couch to work on the Silver Bella goody bags. I guess I should clear that off, so that he has a place to sit and watch tv. Screw it..he can sit on the floor with the boys....he'll be down there wrestling with them anyhow. :) I forgot what a big number 200 is....crazy....finding things in increments of 200. That is basically what I've been up to....working on goody bags and cleaning up after Billy. He is a troublemaker and gets into everything. Blah. I love him anyhow...he looks at me with that sweet little face and I can't stay mad at him. I'll probably be MIA most of the month. I can't believe their summer vacation is half way over already. I can't wait for school to start. :)

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