31 December 2010

Back In Birmingham

We are staying over in Birmingham for the night. We couldn't resist eating at The Olive Branch (and hopefully, Wan's) one last time. The Olive Branch has the best gyros ever. The best donar kebabs are in a little stand in front of Dehner's in Augsburg, GE....I digress. Yep...I'm on the evil laptop. I got to go into Anthropologie and I didn't buy anything...they had some great mushroom ornaments for 75% off...but the line was insane. We will be back on the road tomorrow...heading for Texas. If you haven't gone to your local B&N...go and get the Nov/Dec issue of Marie Claire Idees...great ideas...even if they are in French. If nothing else...you'll look cool toting it around the store. :)

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