29 January 2010

Helping Haiti

Here are two excellent ways to help the people of Haiti. These are two etsy shops that have been opened to help those in need. What a great way to help...you get great handmade items and you are helping others. Here are there links (if you are interested):
I was lucky enough to get some of the Haitian handmade goods...beautiful, metal wall hangings. I got one for my sister...she has a picture on her blog. I, also, was one of the lucky ones who responded to Rebecca's post about sweet little crocheted purses made by Miraclid. I love that the money if going straight back to the artists...very cool. I have purchased two things from crafthope (neat animal alphabet poster and an embroidery/doll pattern). I can't wait for those...the pattern is a pdf and should arrive soon. It was designed by Jenny of Allsorts (her blog is in my bloglines) so you know it is adorable. I even purchased a string of hearts from Robin (ThriftyMissPriss- a V-day tag swap buddy) and she is donating the proceeds to Doctors Without Borders. Every little bit counts and it doesn't take much. I was going to get on my soapbox, but I won't. :) If you can....give something.


  1. Thanks for post this information...good work ..keep it up

  2. Yeah..that is called a true helper for everyone...really appreciated work.