21 January 2010


I've been working on these two swaps. I decided to join the swap I mentioned in the last post (the one I got Wendy to sign up for). It is being held by Wendy (no-relation) in Australia (www.hartylittlepeaces.blogspot.com/). It only seemed fair to join after suckering my sister into it. I got some fabric on Monday at the Jo-Anns. I need to backtrack. Let's go back to Friday and my decision to drive to Birmingham on Saturday. It wasn't horribly bad...I did screw up and forgot to get off on the right exit...that cost me 30-45 minutes. After that....it was smooth driving. We went and ate (and took a well-needed potty break), before heading to Susan's house (she lives in the neighborhood we used to live in). Her husband watched the boys and we hit six thrift stores. I didn't find much. I was a tad disappointed. It wasn't as good as it used to be. It was still fun though. The boys and I stayed in a hotel that night. We got up and had our free breakfast and hit the B&N and SuperTarget....I miss both of these...way better selection than our smaller versions here (it is only a Target here...I miss the food selection). We drove home and bummed around the house for the rest of the day. Monday was a holiday and the boys had it off, so I took them to Toys'r'us, Party City (they each got a free balloon..very cool) and Jo-Ann's. I think the free balloons made up for Jo-Ann's. :) We then went to Best Buy to return my Christmas present from my brother. I had never driven to the Jo-Ann's before....I figured if I could drive to Birmingham....I could do that. I found some fabric and came home and joined the swap. :) I had some in my stash that I used as well. I cut all 200 blocks out yesterday and I should be able to mail them today. I tried something for the other swap (Inspiration Boxes) and it didn't work and so I get to go buy two new matchboxes to rectify that mistake. :) I am having the hardest time with swaps lately. It is driving me mad. The ladies in the Valentine Tag Swap want to swap again and I am debating whether or not I should. Hey, it isn't all doom and gloom, driving and swapping around here.....I've read a few more books and watched the entire fifth season of Weeds this week. The fifth season of Weeds was only 13 1/2 hour episodes....it didn't take long. :)


  1. Spring is in the air.......what's the debate???? I know you want in.......tag swap.....tag swap....not trying to talk you into it or anything!

  2. Hey Wanda ... I'm so glad you joined in my swap too! Hope you had fun choosing all those fabrics! You'll have even more fun when they are returned! Enjoy

  3. I am so glad you joined the spring tag swap.....I just posted links and pictures of all the tags....whew......I love each and every tag.....what a great decoration it makes!!!!! I know you'll be glad you did all these swaps once you get the packages back.