30 January 2010

Dutch Sisters Spring Surprise Swap 2010

I went here (www.dutch-blue.blogspot.com/2010/01/dutch-sisters-spring-surprise-swap-2010.html ) and signed up for another swap. It didn't look too hard or complicated. You have one partner and send her two fat quarters of beautiful spring-inspired fabric and then you make one item. You have until the 21st of March to send it to them. The real kicker for me (okay...other than the fabric) is that it is an International Swap. Those ladies overseas have access to some beautiful fabric and you can make some new friends. If any of that sounds interesting or fun.....you have until tomorrow to sign up. I've been hanging out with the boys quite a bit (as you can tell by the neglected blog). My 14 year old wants to hang out with....with the help of the Wii. I bought another controller last Saturday and now I can bowl with him. We've also played skeeball and a cooking game that is kicking my ass. Billy sits and watches us play. I've baked a little in the last two weeks, read a book or two, hit an estate sale all by myself, talked to the German lady across the street a couple times, finished up swaps and signed up for new ones. That is it. It has been nice. I'm trying to take it easy this year and spend more time with the boys. So it has to be a really good swap...come on ladies, blow my mind with something new. I did sign up for the follow-up tag swap...April Showers Bring May Flowers. We actually have a yahoo group now....we enjoyed swapping with each other so much. I got my tags and two of my inspiration boxes. I'm waiting on the third and some decent weather to take pictures. Today is Post Office Day.....I've got five packages and two envelopes to mail. I actually had a sale in my shop. I was shocked. Happy, but shocked. :)


  1. Wanda,

    I LOVE my Valentine tag from Natalea's swap! The photo of the couple kissing is great.

  2. Wanda..I really liked your beautiful kissing couple tag! This was the sweetest nicest swap I have been in. Ok maybe a few others also...lol I keep being in swaps and hearing Wanda! Thank so much for the lovely lace! Grace

  3. You are so not foregetable we had each other for the swap! Of course I remember you! We were in a few things after that you were in the same group. Have a great week so look forward to being in alot more swaps together!! Hugs Grace