09 January 2010

Oh, yes...I do suck at this blogging thing

This is how I've been feeling. I have way too much to do and rather lay about and do nothing. This was one of the hotel rooms we stayed at on our way home from my sister's house. I know...no shoes on beds...I don't allow that in my own house and I let him do it there...bad Mommy. I did read five books over Christmas break..finished one on the very last day of break....it was sad and made me cry..so I haven't read for a few days. "The Friday Night Knitting Club" by Kate Jacobs. I hate sad books. It is going straight to my sister...cry, Wendy, cry. :) This was the week of catching up on two months worth of stuff. We went to Opelika to the bank on Monday...yes, I drove. Smart asses. It wasn't too bad...we hit the Salvation Army and ate at a WaffleHouse. Tuesday, I wrote a thank you note and made appointments for Billy and I. Billy went to the dentist on Thursday (which was also my Dad's Birthday)..he used the word "no" quite a bit. Our other appointments are this upcoming week...perfect month to get a Pap Smear...just in case some of you have put it off as well. We've spent quite a bit of time watching NCIS DVDs...nothing good has been on tv. Hey, my 14 year old wants to hang out with me...I'll watch NCIS until the cows come home for that. I've been working on my Valentine tags for Natalea's swap...I was doubting myself and actually wrote to her for guidance...she is too nice. I think they are about done...it feels like they are missing something...I still suck at the embellishment thing. I'm getting there. I've had tons of emails back and forth between my swap partners for Heather's Petite Inspiration Box Swap. I don't know what I did with their blog information..I'll have to post that later. I've been second guessing myself....which is unusual for me. I hope it will pass soon. It makes it hard to create. At least their boxes will be full. :)


  1. Hey Wanda,

    I listened to "The Friday Night Knitting Club" on audiobook a while ago, and I did cry. I'm also coming up blank on embellishing my tags, so we're in the same boat.

    Love, Wendy

  2. Hi Wanda! I want to apologize for not replying to an email you sent me many moons ago... it has been a difficult time and I am just finally starting to get my feet under me. Ive started a new blog in regards to my son and I thought you may have some advice for me and want to read it. If not I understand, I just wanted to apologize for not responding!

    PS) I cant find your email!!

  3. Well crap! I'm just about to start that one. Not great to start a tear jerker right after Little Women (my all time favorite book ever... even though it makes me sob everytime!!!)

    Don't feel bad. I had a hard time getting my tags going too. At this point, I hope I finish them in time.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am excited about the swap too. I just skimmed over all of your past posts and I see you went to Silver Bella...how cool. It looks like it is a great time there. Also, loved the movie Julie & Julia. I haven't read either book but would like to. Julia Child's rocks. Well, I joined your blog so I will get up dates from you. Please stop by my blog again soon!

  5. HI so glad to meet ya !! a ga gal here - near Atlanta --
    Hey girl I will love your tags --
    I love seeing all different styles -- That is what is so much fun -- collecting things that help you grow and see things in a different way !! Thanks for the kind words -- WEnt to silver bella -- WOW would love to go -sigh !! Have a great day - was 19 here this am -- too cold for my southern blood - HAve a great day - Kathy - ga -- ♥ aka countrychintz

  6. I was about to read that book...nobody told me it was sad! I'm glad you did!