06 April 2010

I'm a Junior

I am signed up and I managed to get all the classes I wanted. Happy, happy....even better...I had to register for Wendy (my sister) and she got everything she wanted as well. I know you are all just dying to see what I signed up for....so here is my schedule:
Friday @ 0800- Project Runway w/ Colette Copeland
Friday @ 1100- Bonaparte's Gift w/ Kaari Meng
Friday@ 1400- The Gilded Cage w/ Kerry Lynn Yeary
Saturday @ 0830- Chatelaine Necklace w/ Charlotte Lyons
Saturday @ 1130- Oh Tannenbaum w/ Kerry Lynn Yeary
I'm excited about all my classes. I can't wait until November. :) If you haven't signed up...go, go..what are you waiting for??


  1. Hi Wanda~
    And the Indiana Girls love you too!! Was thinking of you yesterday while I was in Lisa's craft room...saw those adorable little red sweater flowers!! I loved those so! We are in Oh Tannembaum together....now I am really excited. Maybe we will be vendors across from each other again. Can't wait to see what the swaps will be about this year. I did 13 last year....I love swapping!!!

  2. I'll miss you this year... not going.
    Are you vendoring? Maybe I'll drive up to shop. ;)

  3. Can you feel my "green eyes"?

    I look forward to seeing your completed projects as you signed up for one of the classes I wanted.

    Happy crafting!


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  5. Wanda, I would love to attend a Silver Bella event, but because of the expense I haven't been able to (yet). I'll have to live vicariously through attendees like yourself. Be sure to take lots of pics! By the way, I want to thank you for entering my blog contest/giveaway. Best of luck!


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