01 April 2010

No pictures, but links :)

I've been busy, so no pictures. I got our taxes done yesterday....my favorite benefit of the military...free tax prep and filing. Screw the commissary and px...the tax center is hands down our best benefit. The soldiers who took care of me yesterday rocked...I basically begged the soldier at the front to let me get them done. If you have rental property or other "harder" tax issues you are supposed to call for an appointment (that is new this year and I didn't know). I walked in after making sure I had someone to pick up Billy off the bus if it ran late. I lucked out and he said he'd find someone for me...a soldier popped in not a minute after that and he was free to do my taxes. I was so happy. I baked them cakes today...one for each of them and dropped them off after I got Billy on the bus. They were shocked (but happily so). That was so much fun....I used to bake for soldiers all the time. I got to play in the front garden a little bit before Billy got home. I planted a cayenne pepper plant for my Mom...we freeze the peppers for when she visits. :) I planted pea and bean plants that we started from seed and were too big for the little greenhouse thing. I need to go get some sticks or something for them to grow up. I weeded a little....not fun...blah. Links....don't you love blogs....they help you find the neatest stuff. Where to start....hmmm...candy. I was reading the yummygoods blogs the other day and she mentioned some key lime items (www.yummygoods.com/blog/2010/3/18/366-design-blogging-and-key-west.html ) and I had to go order the Key lime and White Chocolate Clouds. They arrived today...very yummy. I love supporting small businesses...she has all sorts of candy. I got a sampler box as well to share with the boys for Easter. Next link....soap...the best smelling, in the cutest packaging ever soap was mentioned on Jo Packham's WWC blog (www.wherewomencreate.typepad.com/blog/2010/03/fabulous-friday-2.html ) and I ordered some of those as well. They arrived today...smells even better than imagined, the paper and fabric she uses is cuter than all get out. The paper on the bagged soap has craft patterns. It is organic soap. I love soap.....Crabtree & Evelyn is where I usually get my fill of hoity toity soap...now I can alternate. :) Last link....my Bella Buddy , Sheila, had a nifty post today (www.blessedanddistressed.blogspot.com/2010/04/glimmer-of-hope.html). Tattered Angels have a special color of glimmer mist out this month and part of the proceeds go to Autism Speaks....how cool is that??? Yes, I did my part for autism and ordered some. It is limited, so go and get some...it is turquoise with some gold in it. I haven't used the product before, but if you check out Sheila's blog..you can see some of the great thigns she has done with glimmer mist. Oh..I guess I should remind all you Bellas (old and some hoping to be) that Teresa posted class descriptions today on the Silver Bella blog. I've got a "schedule" worked out and I hope I get all the classes I want. :) Now if I can just be patient until the 6th....we are so not going anywhere for Spring Break...we have to be here so I can register for Silver Bella. :) Okay...go shopping and stimulate the economy.


  1. Wanda,

    So glad you popped by and said "Hi" and thank you for mentioning about the TA Autism Heart Pieces. It is a great way to try a new product and help out.

    Anxiously waiting for SB to open!

  2. Sorry Wanda, no time to read so much text, but I'm here to wish you and your family a very happy Easter!

  3. Yes, I can't wait to see you at SB this year... hoping we all get our classes that we want!

  4. So did you get the classes you were hoping for?? I posted my schedule on my blog a few minutes ago. I hope we have at least one together...CANNOT wait to visit our booth at Vendor's Night! Love your stuff!!!