30 August 2008

Opelika and I'm getting to know the postman really well

We had to run into Opelika this morning (no, Dad, I haven't switched banks). I forgot the time difference...the state line is also the line between Central and Eastern time zones. I even went into a store early...I saw someone else go in and thought it was fine, because they were supposed to be open...oy. Huge dumbass moment. At least now we know why the back was open when we got there. :) At least I wasn't the only person who did it...there was another man who did the same thing. They were really nice about it....I guess it didn't hurt that I had some things in my cart already. :) I found some things for the store and some for Silver Bella. I was looking for items to use as containers for my table, but ones that were not too heavy and that I should be able to sell that night as well. I don't mind getting charged baggage fees for one flight, but I'm determined not to rack them up on the flight back as well. We didn't stop at the antique place...Billy had enough of the two thrift stores, so I didn't want to push my luck. Anyways we needed to get back....I had loads of things that needed to go out. I keep getting the same mailman...I guess since I come in on Saturday that makes sense. :) Did I tell you I'm brillant today?? He is starting to remember me. He won't forget me today.....I had a bott load to mail, plus I forgot to address one of them. Clark had to run back here to get the address for me. Oy. I've had a lot of time to think....waiting a lot the last two days. I had an appointment at the hospital yesterday and I had to get labs done and wait to get a prescription. Oh, how I hate to fast...no coffee in the morning just sucks ass. The coffee bar in the hospital...their plain drip coffee sucked ass (they serve Starbucks coffee, but when it's been sitting there all morning...yuck). Their espresso machine is broken......they've had a week or more to fix it. It was broken on Monday and by Friday it was still broken....blah. I actually made notes for SB while I waiting. What I want to definitely sell, how to set up my table...it was nice not to have to worry where Billy was and what he was getting in to. :) If my Etsy shop is any indication...the only handmade thing I make that people seem to like are yo-yos.....so I may just sell vintage wares that night. Of course, I'll bring yo-yos with me. Kind of bummed about that, but I have to remember I haven't been open for a whole month yet (almost) and it takes time. :) It is nice knowing that others like the same type of things as I do. Thanks for helping me bring down the weight for the next PCS....just kidding, I'll just buy new stuff to sell and hoard.

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  1. I hope today goes better for you! Glad you are doing some planning...I can imagine that would really help.