05 August 2008

I got my business cards today

I just lost my whole post...man. I got my cards in the mail today....so cute. They are swiss cheese ones from Zazzle. I got the normal and the skinny cards. I almost feel like a businesswoman. :) If I can get Clark to photograph my goods tonight...then I can start posting and open my shop. Maybe if I make cheddar cheese fries tonight that will be enough to sweet talk him...hmmm. They are pretty easy.....take a package of Ore Ida fries and cook them for all but two of the recommended minutes. Take them out and spread a package of Sargento (this is new, but oh so good) Sharp Wisconsin & Vermont Cheddar with Real Bacon cheese, put them back in the oven for the last two minutes and there you have it. It melts really nicely and it tastes really good. I'm lucky if I get any with Clark and Jr home. :) Tasty, tasty. My free time will be coming to an end soon....school gets out early today. I've got coupons to cut out (my parents sent us two boxes).....I love coupons. We get crappy ones here and not many crappy ones to boot. Anybody know of any good uses for craft pom poms?? I know this post was all over the place. :)


  1. A craft pompom makes a good polka dot stamp. I learned that one from Queen Foof herself!

  2. Oh the cheese fries sound yummy.
    Can't wait to see the cards.

    I have seen people make pom pom garlands, like a popcorn garland to hang just about anywhere~very cute!