02 August 2008

I got to escape the house

I know it's been a few days, but with all the excitement courtesy of my Pops...I was just a little out of it. I talked Clark (actually kissed his ass..okay...not literally) into taking us out to some sales. We hit a few estate sales, two church sales (I got a butt load of vintage kids' books..I hope Tamy is up for another swap), and a few yard sales. I got some stuff. At the very first stop I found some small figurines...occupied Japan and some other goodies. The first church sale sucked..I did spend 50 cents on a log book. The second church sale was way better. I love it when the congregation just donates stuff and sells it cheap. A lot of the church sales we've hit since being here are ones where people have their own tables. I hit the one room and got a few things and then as I was paying found out there was a section for books down the hall. I found over forty vintage children's books...not all in good shape....I'll use those for paper packs in the shop. I know you are all starting to think that it doesn't exist. :) I'm waiting for my business cards....they should be here on Monday. I want to be able to put them in the orders. I digress....back to the sales. I got a few things at the one estate sale....spent a whole 50 cents at another estate sale. :) I got two tiny perfume bottles, two doilies, a hankerchief with a teapot on it and a little book with sweet bible pictures. I just can't decide what to put in the shop and what to bring to Silver Bella. They are supposed to start a group for us vendors to chit chat amongst ourselves....I hope it is soon....I've got so many questions....for example, how much merchandise should I bring for my 6x9 table. If you've been to SB let me know, please. :) I'm a little tired....the stress and exercise is catching up with me. I need to work on my project for Rhonda's mom. I've got osme ideas...just need some time to do it. School starts on Tuesday...woohoo....I cannot wait..too bad it's a short day for them (every Tuesday is a short day...blah).

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  1. Doesn't sound like you did too bad! Those children's books usually have some cute pictures in them if nothing else.