07 September 2009


We just got back about half an hour ago. :) We had to go to Texas this weekend. We drove all day Friday to get there. It was a slightly sad trip...we went to drop our dog off for the deployment. Baccus was getting to big for me to handle along with two boys....some women can do all that and more...I just don't have it in me. I think he'll be happy....there are three dogs, two cats, cows, guinea hens, and a loving family. He has more room to run around. He is staying with Clark's adopted family from childhood. They were so happy to see him (and even more to see the grandbabies....none of their children have produced any yet). They spoiled the kids. Jr got to drive the golf cart. Billy got to run around, steal sodas and bananas, and plop down in the galvanized tank of water out front. They had a ball. We hit Canton (big flea market) for a little bit on Saturday.....I was just too tired to stay long. Clark took me to a Goodwill on the way back to the hotel...I found three things. :) We started home yesterday afternoon (we dropped by to say goodbye and take pictures) and finished up today. It was nice, but it is good to be home...until tomorrow when I remember all the things I still need to do. :)


  1. Welcome home Wanda! Too bad of Baccus, but I think too that you have made the right decision. Have a nice day anyway!