14 October 2009

OMG...it's a blog post

I just had the crappiest weekend. My computer got to visit those lovely geeks at Best Buy...the day before Clark left. I have driven off post twice now. I had Clark be my passenger the morning he left....I just got to pick up my computer today. You have no idea how much you miss those things until they are gone...husband and computer. :) I did get a bunch of stuff done without it though. I'm almost done with the goody bags...I worked on them while we kept Clark company and the last few days. I worked on my charms for my charm swap. I'm excited about what I'm making....I came up with the idea a few days before my computer problems. I did not get a chance to print off my stuff for the ToT swap...but that is okay, because I can now. :) I got loads of laundry done and I read a book. I am so relieved to get my computer back though....worth the panic and anxiety of driving off post.


  1. I think I could paint the whole house if my computer was gone...LOL, just hope my husband doesn't read this! I have put the first part of the Halloween decoration up and I had to think of you of course. It is so much fun to see the small wooden houses again, your cake card, I even saved some of the candy that you sent me :-}. Now I still have to make some new tags out of the fabric, they were stolen from the door last year. I think I have at least one fan out there!
    Take care!

  2. I am glad you have the 2 things you miss most back in your life. I hate it when my computer is gone...it is my life line. My husband is always on the go...don't mind that so much. I haven't started our swap yet. I have been so buried in work land. I have one round due the 22nd then I hope to get bella stuff finished.